Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fall

Step 1: Find something in my collection to actually paint whose defacing I would not mourn...
-Runebound Character Minis.
Step 2: Research the most inexpensive way to get into painting.
-Cheap acrylics and brushes @ Michael's
Step 3: Pray that my significant other would find my new hobby endearing.
-Hells to the yes, yes, yes!
Step 4: Get Cracking.
-Pictures to follow.

Yes, there are Skype pictures of me painting minis while talking to the love of my life...


I've played board games all my life.

But I never really thought I would have the patience to sit in one place and paint miniatures for a game.

Enter: the Brimarch.

I work with this nice dude named Brian who loves 40k. I casually mentioned to him that I would love to get my Space Hulk 3rd ed. minis painted, but had neither the inclination/skill/money/patience required to do so.

Well, he offered to take a stab at it. As I waited patiently for the "Brimarch" to finish painting my set, a stray thought crept into my brain.

"Hmm... I wonder if I can learn how to do this myself..."

I'm sure Chaos Demons were involved.

Next up: The Fall.